Drum/Barrel Unloading

Drum/Barrel Unloading

One of the most popular applications of Diaphragm Hand Pumps is in emptying drums, barrel and carboys.

It can handle all types of liquids, such as clear liquids, liquids containing solids, latexes (shear sensitive liquids/ thixotropic liquids), slurries, corrosive liquids.

It is ideal for handling of inflammable liquids, such as solvents, as its operation is without friction, and hence is suitable for flame-proof plant conditions.

It is self priming and requires no special mounting. Just dip suction tube in the barrel and apply handle. It can suck out last drops of liquid from drum.

1" or 1.5" pump is recommended for this duty. It is a low cost substitute for motorized barrel pumps such as Lutz, Graco etc. It can empty a 55 Gallon (200 litres) drums in 8 minutes (1" pump) or 4 minutes (1.5"pump).