Pump for food and milk products

Pump for food and milk products

Diaphragm Hand Pumps, in Stainless Steel 316, with Silicone rubber Diaphragm and Flap Valves, are extensively used in handling of milk, milk products, molten butter etc.

Vegetable oils, burnt frying oils (food grade silicone rubber parts withstand high temperatures of hot frying oils) are handled by these pumps.

Other food items such as gravies, honey, sugar syrups, fruit juice, tomato juice and pulp, grape juice, beverages are handled by these pumps. These pumps can be easily cleaned with water without opening and are hygienic in design and MOC.

Diaphragm Hand Pumps are good addition to dairy equipment, food processing machinery, bee farming equipment, large kitchens and wine yards.

1” size is recommended for clear liquids and 1.5” size is recommended for liquids such as gravies with large solids. In food industry, it is used for transferring such liquids from one vessel to another, such as emptying burnt oil from frying vessel.