Why a hand pump?

When a simple and low-cost solution is required for non-continuous, medium capacity or occasional pumping duties, or where electric power is a problem, a hand operated pump is an ideal choice.

Why a Diaphragm Hand Pump?

Of all hand pump designs, a diaphragm type hand pump design has following advantages:

  • High capacity
  • Simple design
  • Only one wear-out part
  • Self priming capability
  • It can run dry (without liquid) without damage
  • Glandless, no leakage
  • It has ability to handle all types of liquids ranging from clear liquids to slurries and viscous liquids, liquids containing solids etc. It really pumps liquids like a guzzler.
  • Easy passage of liquids, no clogging and jamming
  • No friction, ideal for inflammables, explosive liquids, such as solvents and for flame-proof plant conditions
  • No maintenance, not even lubrication! Quiet operation!!
Why a Chemineers Diaphragm Hand Pump?

Following features have been added to our Diaphragm Hand Pump:

  • Three body material options, to handle all types of liquids and chemicals.
  • Five rubber material options, to handle all types of liquids and chemicals.
  • Three sizes: These offer end user flexibility of choice, as per their requirements of capacity and head.
  • Trolley mounted design for portability (fixed mounting is optionally offered).
  • Trolley is made from steel sections and tubes, for long life
  • A long lever enables operation in normal upright standing position.
  • Diaphragm Movement Limits: These limits prevent overstretching of diaphragm on upper and lower end of movement of strokes. This extends life of diaphragm considerably.
  • Hose guide and support: These supports facilitate slipping of hose on nipple, and also bear weight of hose, which in turn protect nipples from breakage, due to weight or movement of hose.
  • Ready-to-use supply: It is supplied with all the accessories, and you have to just slip tubes on suction and delivery nipples, and start using it. It can be used by unskilled workers.
  • Features described above are not offered in all of Diaphragm Hand Pumps, available anywhere in the world.
  • We are a company whose only product is this, and are fully dedicated to quality manufacture of these pumps.
  • With these, we offer world's best and widest range of Diaphragm Hand Pumps.
  • If duty conditions are within specification of a Diaphragm Hand Pump, then it is a low cost, simple and easy to operate, substitute/standby for Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps, such as Wilden Pump, Yamada Pump, Aro Pump, Sand Piper Pump.
  • It is a truly multipurpose pump, and it is good to use one for many end uses.