A Sizes offered at present in different materials

upload/size/Sizes offered at present in different materials
Size in Inchesof hose IDCast Iron- Galvanized (Rust free)Stainless Steel –316 Investment castPolypropylene Glass Reinforced-Injection Moulded

B Sizes and Typical End Use

Size in inches-hose IDSuction Lift in feetDelivery head in feetCapacity in Litres per minute LPMTypical applications
1"123025Drum unloading, repacking, direct transfer to height, diesel filling, smaller transfer jobs
1.5"12850High capacity transfer, tanker unloading, manhole cleaning, in -plant transfer, siphoning, gobar slurry (cow dung), medium capacity transfer jobs
2"120 - free discharge100Agriculture, irrigation, municipality, construction pits, effluents, manhole cleaning, mud, sludge

C The final selection of size is to be done by considering

  • MOC availability.
  • Head (Height) to which pumping is to be done.
  • Capacity required.
  • Cost, in that order of priority.